Susanne Gabler Artist


Exhibition "Constructed Nature"

Changing landscapes in contemporary art
Opening on Saturday, 6 July 2024 at 5 pm
Plüschow Castle
Doreen Becker (D), Jeannette Castioni (IS), Susanne Gabler (D), Michael Kutzner (D), Jana Rot (D), Susken Rosenthal (D), Ming YE (CN), Hyeonkyeong You (KR)

I am showing my new work "Susurri southwest". It was created during a working stay in Los Angeles from March to April 2024 and addresses our questionable treatment of nature as a result of our way of life. I captured the resulting ecological catastrophes in images that subtly point to the irretrievability of intact nature in the midst of these impressively beautiful landscapes. Each of these landscapes has lost the innocence with which it once offered us sustenance.
Die Susurris in diesen Landschaften bieten an, diesen Landschaften zu lauschen.

We are overriding something of which we are a part - nature. To stretch its laws, we need machines - built - with materials - from resources. In constant supply or delivery of these, our supply is most strictly dependent on connections. Pipes aptly symbolise this reality.
Und hinreißend wunderbar nehmen die Susurris die Resonanzen des sie umgebenden Raums auf und durch das Lauschen an ihren Öffnungen bieten sie hauptsächlich die Verbindung zu sich selbst.

digging - Art & Archaeology

Funerary crowns
Wednesday, 12 June 2024
Kunstverein zu Rostock
The exhibition of the alumni of the MentoringKUNST programme Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania opens at the Kunstverein zu Rostock.
Die Künstlerinnen haben sich mit Archäologie beschäftigt und künstlerische Reaktionen entwickelt.

Wednesday, 12 June 2024
7:30 pm
Kunstverein zu Rostock
Amberg 13

Change of perspective_local_global

Edvard Munch House Warnemünde
25. Mai - 22. Juni 2024
The current exhibition in the Edvard Munch House in Warnemünde shows contemporary artistic positions that react to ecological situations.
Meine Serien "woven plastics" sind Teil dieser wunderbaren Ausstellung.

Objects, installations, sound collages and drawings will be on display.

Curation: Petra Schmidt Dreyblatt

Opening: Saturday, 25 May, at 3 pm
Am Strom 53
18119 Warnemünde



we present the ROMANTISIZER in the art show 2024 of BBK Mecklenburg-Pomerania

the ROMANTISIZER is an AI work created in collaboration with the artist Carsten Bund
Opening: Saturday, May 4th 2024, 2 PM
Duration of the exhibition: May 4 - June 30, 2024
Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 11 am - 5 pm
To mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of the Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, this year's art exhibition is being held in Greifswald, the city of his birth.

Many artists have explored romanticism on this occasion.

I am very pleased to show an AI work in this form. It was created in collaboration with the artist Carsten Bund. The ROMANTISIZER is constantly painting romantic masterpieces // The Romantics warned us about the desecration of the world and our loss of connection with it. Today we are becoming more romantic than ever. For the transfigured look back at nature, which we have irretrievably lost, unleashes in us a growing longing for intact nature. We are continuing CDF's work. But we have neither intact nature nor the irrepressible belief in God, miracles or ourselves as the greatest creature on earth at our disposal. We use his aesthetics, synthesizing methods and current images of our world. The perception of the changed situation of our nature is symbolized in each picture by the leaning viewer. The ambivalent scenes can depict beautiful sunsets as well as raging natural disasters. Here, the viewers reflect themselves.

Exhibition ORTSZEITEN in the north chapel of St. Marien Wismar

Susurri is part of the exhibition ORTSZEITEN
opening: Friday, May 3rd, 6 PM
Maurinmühle - a place like many others. Places where our shared history weighs so heavily that it is better not to exist. In such places, you are alone with yourself, surrounded by nature and moved by premonitions. To remember on site means first of all to feel.

Susurri invites you to listen to these feelings.

The wind is caught in the open pipe, vibrates in it and something audible is created in this small space. With silence, concentration and time, everyone can perceive something. Does the wind sound like singing, complaining, crying, shouting? What do you hear? Hearing is a sense. Listening properly makes sense. The Susurri object is an invitation to take time to listen attentively.

The ORTSZEIT exhibition series is an artistic form of remembrance culture. The artists always work on new themes and develop answers to questions about our repressed history, which visitors can explore.

The city of Wismar also provided the Kunstverein Wismar e.V. with an exhibition period in 2024 in the Nordkapelle in St. Marien at its disposal. The Kunstverein has invited the ORTSZEIT exhibition series. Exhibiting artists: Janet Zeugner, Gudrun Brigitta Nöh, Annette Czerny, Rico, Ramona Seyfarth, Renate U. Schürmeyer, Udo Rathke, Susanne Gabler
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